Our Story – Sophie The Label


Our Story

Sophie The Label was founded in 2019, is designed in the UK by Sophie and her dedicated team and handmade in Brazil!

Based on the philosophy It's Always Summer Somewhere we provide excellent quality at the most affordable price we can offer. Rather than spending more on a suit, save for that special vacation and adventure! All of our swimwear & lingerie collections are both designed and made by hand which increases labor costs. But this provides a luxurious look and feel.  


Sophie The Label is committed to sustainability. We are an ethical brand ensuring all our swimwear & lingerie is handmade. We always try to use eco-friendly fabrics where possible using Amni Soul Eco®, you can find all our eco-friendly pieces labelled with the ♻️ symbol. Our packaging is also eco-friendly with our mailing bags being biodegradable.
As well as our commitment to the outside environment, we want to make sure our inside environment is just as healthy! This is why we promote love for body types of ALL shapes and sizes. With available sizes already ranging from XS - XL, we are hoping to increase our sizing to XXS - XXL next year.